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WE are Designers

Design technology - Miss Jones 

We recognise that Design and Technology is a central part of our world. At Waterside Primary Academy, we aim to develop skills and knowledge in design, structures, mechanisms, electrical control and food. All our projects involve making functional products. It is a subject which nurtures creativity and innovation, drawing relevance from the world around us. Design and Technology is an exciting subject that has great relevance to the historical and modern world. Who knows, we could have the next great designer amongst us!

The school uses the KAPOW scheme to support their planning in art and design. There is a long-term plan to show the themes and units of work for each term in each year group. Unit plans identify:

  • The core theme which is used as the basis for learning
  • The main art and design subject knowledge to be covered in relation to the theme
  • Key art and design skills to be covered during the unit of work
  • Core vocabulary which will be developed