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We are Early readers

At Waterside we are determined that all children will learn to read with fluency and precision through the Read Write Inc. (RWI) phonics scheme. Our staff deliver the phonics scheme with passion and skill, in order for the children to start reading as soon as possible. As a school we understand that reading not only enables children to access the wider curriculum, but it gives them the opportunity for better life chances, as well as positively impacting on their self-esteem. RWI teaches children to:

- Develop reading fluency and read with comprehension

- Develop co-operative behaviour and articulate their ideas and understanding.

- Spell and write with confidence

In practice, children learn the 44 common sounds in the English language and are taught how to blend these sounds to decode (read) words. We start by teaching children to read and blend the first thirty Set 1 sounds. Once they have conquered this skill, they start reading stories and texts that have words made up of the sounds that they know. This means that they can embed and apply their phonic knowledge and start to build their reading fluency. Once secure, children learn Set 2 and Set 3 sounds and then read texts with increasingly more complex sounds and graphemes. Throughout this process there is a focus on comprehension, reading with expression and reading for enjoyment. We teach phonics in small groups which reflect their own knowledge and ability. The pupils are regularly assessed and placed in the correct groups. This enables the children to experience success and gain confidence as early readers.

Each week, the children will bring home two phonics books. One which they have read throughout the week, and an additional ‘Book bag book’. These books have information for parents on how to support your child with reading at home. Please also see below useful links on how to pronounce sounds, and websites with information on how to further support learning to read at home.