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We are Geographers

Geography Lead - Miss Jones and Miss Cooke

At Waterside Primary Academy, our intention in Geography is to convey a greater understanding and knowledge of the world through reading age-appropriate texts that are linked to their ‘Pathway’ topics to further stimulate children’s inquisitiveness and fascination within the wider curriculum.

We aim for our children to develop their geographical skills and broad knowledge through our progressive and carefully sequenced curriculum throughout their time at the school whilst covering the knowledge and skills stated in the National Curriculum. During their time at Waterside Primary Academy, we aspire for our lessons and Pathways to inspire our pupils to think and act as ‘stewards of creation’.

Through our high-quality teaching we will develop the following skills and knowledge:

  • A secure knowledge of locations in Britain and the wider world
  • An extensive base of geographical knowledge and vocabulary
  • The ability to ask and answer valid historical questions
  • Draw conclusion and explain their findings
  • Use a range of resources to gather information and to follow lines of enquiry