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We are Writers

Writing - Intent, Implementation & Impact Statement

“One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world” – Malala Yousafzai

English is the heart of our curriculum. Through the early acquisition of language and the continual development of vocabulary, children begin to understand abstract and concrete concepts, connect ideas and gain articulacy to express themselves.  In its many forms, literacy enables children to not only make sense of the world, but to situate themselves within it.

Along with developing skills of inference and deduction, vocabulary expansion is a key element in all reading and writing lessons.  At the end of their primary school career, the Waterside child would have acquired a richly expanded vocabulary along with the knowledge of how to select words appropriately to fit the purpose and audience, thus eliciting the desired effect. They would also be able to understand more challenging texts which demand a strong command of the English language through their continued refinement of inference and deduction skills.

Our children develop their writing skills every day through our curriculum to ensure solid foundations for learning.

We believe that the ability to write with confidence and accuracy is an essential life skill. Therefore, we aim, wherever possible, to create cross-curricular writing opportunities linked to our ‘Pathways’ foundation subject lessons, as we believe that in order for children to see themselves as successful writers, they need to be involved in writing for a real purpose and for different audiences.