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We are scientists

Subject Lead - Helen Firth 

At Waterside Primary Academy, our intent is to ignite a passion for science in children, fostering a sense of wonder about the world around them. Through engaging hands-on learning experiences, we aim to inspire curiosity and encourage our students to ask questions. Our approach focuses on equipping them with the skills to seek answers through experimentation and research.

Aligned with the national curriculum, our progressive content ensures that learning is scaffolded year on year, allowing children to build upon their knowledge and understanding. We place emphasis on the development of scientific enquiry skills such as observation, pattern recognition, and data handling. By following a carefully structured progression of skills, we enable children to take small steps that build their confidence and independence over time.


We are dedicated to providing high-quality learning experiences in science. We utilise the Developing Experts scheme alongside other resources to deliver enriching lessons that captivate and inspire our young learners. This scheme not only enhances their scientific knowledge but also nurtures aspirations by highlighting how science skills can be applied in a wide range of career paths.

Through exposure to ambitions and scientific vocabulary, we empower our students to communicate like scientists, enabling them to articulate their ideas effectively and record their findings with clarity. By encouraging children to speak and write like scientists, we aim to instil in them a sense of professionalism and precision in their scientific endeavours.